5 Popular Jumping Spider Accounts on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms available, and not just because of the dance trends. It is also a great place to see some arachnids, with more and more jumping spider accounts on TikTok popping up.


There are countless videos of these little creatures just going about their everyday business, and many of these videos have been viewed millions of times, and it is not hard to see why. The spiders are not only incredibly cute, but they are also very entertaining to watch.


If you want to see some more jumping spiders, then you should definitely check out the following accounts on TikTok.


First off, if this account cannot cure your arachnophobia, then no one can!


Mini_Robomuppets, or Emily, who’s often behind the camera, hosts an adorable collection of jumping spiders – and these spoods definitely get up to some mischief.


With each spider being given their own spotlight, and its own voice, it’s easy to get lost scrolling through all of the videos on this account. The videos are great fun to watch, especially as some feature jumping spiders doing activities you’d never imagine.



I'm here for the drum solo.. #drummer #jumpingspider #fyp #musicvideo

♬ In the Air Tonight - Still Collins


But Emily also covers a lot of useful information, too; she has previously discussed handling jumping spiders, whether they bite or not, and overcoming a fear of spiders.


Our second favorite account is owned by Tiana, also known as Tiana_TheBugLady, who showcases her bugs and her phenomenal handling ability on TikTok; several of her videos include a spider perched on her shoulder.


This TikTok account gives an insight into the process of raising spiderlings, as Tiana has documented her experience with gravid female jumping spiders. There are even sweet videos of spiders meeting their new owners once they have molted enough to leave home.



♬ original sound - Tiana


The videos over on Mainstream_Arachnids, which belongs to Daysha, are the brilliant inspirations for giving your spider the best life. Enrichment seems to be a big focal point for Daysha, who even has a “gym” for her spiders to workout on.



You can’t tell me they don’t have an awareness 🥹 #enrichment #petenrichment #petgym

♬ Fill Up Glass - Brian Englishman


Although most of the videos are about jumping spiders, some other creatures, such as Blue Feigning Death beetles, make an appearance, too. So, if you want to see some wholesome spider content, with the odd special guest critter, visit this account.


ChasingBugs, or Danae Wolfe, is another great account on TikTok detailing the highs and lows of caring for these tiny creatures.


Using macrophotography, Danae manages to capture jumping spiders up close; the detail spotted in some of the videos is amazing. Therefore, if you want an account showcasing the beauty of jumping spiders, you better follow ChasingBugs.



All the better to eat you with, my dear. #jumpingspider #petjumpingspider #petsoftiktok

♬ Cleaning - Owen Wang


If you’re still looking at enclosures for your jumping spider, then this TikTok account is a must-follow. SpoodManor, which is run by Brittany and based in Illinois, builds deluxe enclosures, which can be bought on Etsy.



Lake Verde is ready for a new tenant! #jumpingspider #SpoodManor #cuteness#arachnophobia #tinythings #pets#stopthesmoosh #etsy #spoiled

♬ original sound - Spood Manor


If you want to know more about jumping spider enclosures, then click here to learn what aspects are essential to keeping a healthy and happy spood.

So, there you have it! There are plenty of jumping spider accounts on TikTok to choose from, but the five mentioned in this article have our vote of approval.