Keeping Pet Jumping Spiders

Knowing the basics of jumping spider care is essential when choosing these adorable arachnids to be your next pet. Although jumping spiders are great beginner pets for those wanting to keep exotic animals, their care needs differ greatly from common pets, like dogs, cats, and rabbits.


Spiders Web HQ has provided guides on how to care for your pet jumping spider.

How to Care for Jumping Spiders

Buying a Jumping Spider
After deciding to buy a jumping spider, finding a reputable breeder for your chosen spider species is vital. This will help to ensure the pet spider is healthy and well cared for, giving it the best start in life before becoming your pet.

Enclosure Set-Up for a Jumping Spider
There are multiple options when selecting an enclosure for your pet jumping spider. The best enclosure will ensure the correct conditions, including humidity and temperature, can be created to mimic the jumping spider’s natural habitat.

Feeding a Jumping Spider
A pet jumping spider’s diet should consist of the insects it would feed on in the wild. To keep your jumping spider healthy, you must understand which insects make good feeders and which ones to avoid.

Handling a Jumping Spider
You will want to form a bond with your pet spider, and handling them regularly is a great method. As they are small creatures, it is crucial to be patient and gentle when attempting to handle jumping spiders. However, you should remember that not all jumping spiders enjoy being held.